download sonar-3D-LAB

sonar-3D-LAB (Version 1.2 / 2018)

sonar-3D-LAB Models

sonar-3D-LAB Macros

  • sonar-3D-Lab Software is a model development tool. With this Software the user creates sonar models of any kind
  • sonar-3D-LAB Models is a collection of prepared and ready to start sonar models as used in the manuals
  • sonar-3D-LAB Macros is a collection of prepared sonar macro files as used and referenced in the sonar manuals

After selecting ‘sonar-3D-LAB Software’, you have to download a ZIP file or the content of a ZIP file to an external volume (memory stick). Important: Use a memory stick and dont save the content directly on the destination volume! Because you are downloading a compressed ZIP-file, the System may show a warning that this file could be dangerous. Anyway, try to use the Menu Option “Save As” in the “Save File Dialog” to know were the downloaded file is located. Otherwise the System in general uses the location “C:\Users\yourname\Downloads\…
Alternatively you just rightclick on one of the Options above and choose your external volume (memory stick) using “Save Link As…”

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • a toolstrip is shown next to the upper or lower screen boundary…
  • Do you want to open or save the file “ from”
  • Save / Save As / Open Folder
  • Insert memory stick / ok

Google Chrome:

  • maybe a warning appears next to the lower screen boundary: is an unusual download …
  • continue
  • click on the ZIP-Icon next to the warning
  • extract to…?
  • Insert memory stick / extract

Important :

  • always unpack (extract) all the compressed files whatsoever before you continue to install and execute or open the files. Otherwise you will get an error while installing the software.
  • extract all zipped files to the memory stick and start installation from the memory stick.

Model- and Macro-Files are compressed ZIP-files as well, but may be downloaded directly to a harddisk instead a memory stick. Some of the above ZIP files contain a Guide (read me file) how to use or install the downloaded software. If you have any problems installing the software then do not hesitate to contact us by email -> Contact