sonar-3D software


3-dimensional multibody dynamics simulation software

sonar code is a complete Software package for 3-dimensional multibody dynamics simulation in the areas of R&D. sonar development is underway since 2005 using the newest software development tools. sonar is a long term project but advanced enough to solve specific 3D-problems in science and industry. sonar software is constantly improved and developed further in the  future.   >>> sonar-3D data sheet

sonar-3D-LAB :

‘sonar-3D-Laboratory’ is a model creation tool. A modern user interface and connection to the internet was the main task. Therefore, C# was the development tool of choice for this part of the software. sonar-LAB can be downloaded free of charge.  >>> download

sonar-3D-SIM :

‘sonar-3D.Simulation’ executes the real simulation of any model created by means of sonar-3D-LAB. Because performance is most important for this part of the software the calculation kernel was developed by C-code. sonar-SIM supports the multiprocessing standard ‘openMP’ . Multicore computers reach a multiple of the performance of a single core computer. The software will be distributed in different licenses.  >>> download

a look inside :

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