sonar-3D projects

Rockfall Barrier

A rock of 3200 kg falling from 32 meters into a fence, absorbing an Energy of 1000kJ. The project was presented at the 50th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium held in Houston, Texas, 26-29 June 2016

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Crushing Tubes

An aluminum tube the size of a Soda Can is crushed

Cable Failure

A test cable is hold on both ends and exposed to an increasing stress exceeding the ultimate strength.

Fibres (Tobacco)

The power, performance and efficiency of sonar-3D software and how fibres are simulated is shown by means of a tobacco heap.

Chain Drive

Chains are modeled with the sonar script language oder even with the special chain module.

Debris Fence

A car crashes into a debris fence along a racing circuit.

The Creation of the Moon

One of a possible moon creation Scenario.