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In machine industry numerical simulations will ideally be used in early stages of a product development process:

  • realistic simulation of several solution variants
  • parameter studies
  • detailed representation of the evolving movement, oscillation and vibration of highly dynamic processes
  • determine the physical limits of individual solutions
  • determine the ideal solution
  • detailed calculation of the dynamic load of mechanisms


Fig. Idea of a One-Leg hopping robot from Marc Raibert, former Carnegie Mellon University and MIT professor who founded the CMU Leg Lab in 1980. On the right its modeling and testing with sonar-2D software. The simulation also incorporates different versions of a control system, a capability included in sonar software.

Another important field of usage for a simulation software is troubleshooting

  • determination of the source and causes of existing problems
  • general identification of potential problems
  • detailed calculation of the load and aging of specific parts of a machine
  • testing of alternative materials, weight savings, shape changes, etc.
  • optimization of improvements

L & G Software has a lot of experience in supporting you with these tasks. Send us a sketch of your problem and we will offer you an analysis by means of
numerical simulations at a fixed price. An analysis generally includes the following steps

  • to understand the problem
  • data transfer from your CAD system if available
  • modeling with the simulation software
  • execution of a simulation series with different parameters
  • data recording, evaluation, movie recording, etc.
  • reporting

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